Humber River – Old Mill

The river here flows through parkland, so access and parking are excellent. Further, the Old Mill subway station is within easy walking distance.

A series of dams beginning with the Old Mill Dam slow migrating trout and salmon on their way upstream, resulting in a high concentration of fish from the dam pool downstream to well below Bloor Street. Drifting roe, worms, or small jigs under a float tends to catch the most fish, but anglers also find success with small spinners, or by fly fishing. Spring fishing is best from March till May, while fall action begins in September and lasts till freeze-up. Large runs of white suckers add to the spring fishery.

Through the summer anglers enjoy steady action with carp, panfish, bullheads and smallmouth bass. Most standard lures and baits can be expected to produce.

By late August the Humber plays host to a large run of chinook salmon, accompanied by brown trout and rainbow trout. The best fishing comes a few days after rain has raised and cooled water levels. Because it flows over a considerable amount of clay, the Humber can remain murky long after other rivers have cleared, so heavy rains can leave it unfishable for a week. Once it clears, however, anglers enjoy steady action. It is a popular spot, so expect company – especially on autumn weekends. Good fishing lasts till freeze-up.