Humber River – Eglinton

Right in town, the middle portion of the Humber River offers good seasonal fishing for trout and salmon in the area around Eglinton Avenue.

The best action for rainbow trout comes right after the season opens on the 4th Saturday in April. Migrating rainbow trout from Lake Ontario are liable to be found in any deep pool or run, and this stretch of river offers plenty of prime spots.

A large dam mid-way between Eglinton Avenue and Lawrence Avenue has a fish ladder, but most of the fish are found in numerous deep pools and runs downstream of the structure. Drifting with spawn or worms produces well, as does fishing bottom with small spinners.

Rainbow trout are also available in the fall months, along with good numbers of trophy brown trout and chinook salmon. Upstream of Eglinton Avenue, the open season for rainbow trout and brown trout is extended until December 31; downstream of Eglinton, it is open year-round.

The best trout fishing starts in late September and continues until freeze-up. Salmon are open all year. A mid-winter mild spell can also present good fishing opportunities in this area.

Access to this area is fairly good, with city parkland bordering the river providing both access and parking. The area is also well served by public transit.