Credit River – Streetsville

Although closed to fishing for much of the year as part of a provincial fish sanctuary, the Credit River in the vicinity of Streetsville can offer outstanding fishing for rainbow trout, suckers, panfish and smallmouth bass.

In order to protect spawning trout and salmon, the Credit River downstream of the Reid Milling dam is closed to all fishing from August 15 until the general trout season opens on the fourth Saturday in April (check the Ontario fishing regulations before fishing, at But once the sanctuary opens on the opening day of trout season, anglers enjoy sometimes great fishing for rainbow trout in the fast water and deep pools both upstream and downstream of the dam. Drifting natural baits such as roe or worms catches the most fish. The area can be crowded for a week or more following the season opening, and a quiet approach is sometimes required to catch these spooky fish. But the rewards can be great! Rainbow trout can usually be found in the area until late May.

Through the summer months, this section of the Credit River provides excellent fishing for panfish and smallmouth bass. The bass are not large, averaging about one pound, but larger fish are occasionally taken. In any case, the sheer strength of these river-dwelling fish is impressive. Small spinners fished near bottom are effective, as are small jigs, crankbaits, and worms, either drift on bottom or with a small float.

Although the river flows through a mixture of private and public property in the Streetsville area, access remains excellent. Mississauga Transit provides regular bus service, while abundant parking is available in town near the Streetsville Arena.