Credit River – Erindale

Anglers who prefer to wade flowing streams enjoy consistent action fishing the Credit River in Erindale municipal park, between Dundas Street and Burnhamthorpe Road.

The area is easily accessible by public transit (Mississauga Transit), while the park itself offers plenty of free parking.

Fishing for migratory rainbow trout is excellent from late February till May, and again in the fall from September till the river freezes over (usually in late December). Erindale Park offers a year-round open season for rainbow and brown trout, making it a popular spot when fishing conditions are at their peak. This stretch of the Credit River flows over loose gravel and shale, offering an enticing mix of pools, pocket water and deep runs.

Anglers drift natural baits like roe or worms in the current, or fish with artificials including spinners, small jigs or small wobbling plugs like the Flatfish, Kwikfish and Hot Shot. Waders are advantageous for fishing this area, but are not essential.

Through the summer months anglers fishing Erindale park can enjoy fast action with resident smallmouth bass and panfish. Most of the smallmouth weigh a pound or less, but fish approaching three pounds are occasionally taken.

By late August, the first runs of chinook salmon begin to arrive from Lake Ontario, typically following a cold rain that drops river temperatures while raising the water level. The main runs of big fish – some topping 35 pounds – normally arrive in late September or early October, and are joined by significant numbers of coho salmon, rainbow trout and brown trout. Erindale is a very popular spot during the salmon runs, so be prepared to have plenty of company, especially on weekends, as the opportunity to catch big fish draws anglers from a considerable distance. Try to fish during the week, if possible, or late in the day.

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